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Multicare® High Acuity Hospital Bed

Multicare® uses innovative technologies to create an ideal combination of clinical benefits for patients and staff. Unique features support vital patient interactions and provide excellent working conditions for staff to help minimize the risks associated with caring for the high acuity patient. Multicare’s array of distinctive features and leading technology provides solutions for many of the challenges faced in the high acuity environment.

Multicare® LE Acuity Adaptable Hospital Bed

The Multicare® LE hospital bed is designed to meet the needs of a higher acuity patient in a variety of care settings. The Multicare® LE is versatile enough to be used in higher acuity medical-surgical units, step-down units, transitional care units or community hospital ICUs. 

Eleganza™ 3 Med-Surg Hospital Bed

The Eleganza™ 3 hospital bed contains advanced features that are simple to operate allowing staff more time to care for their patients. Through its innovative features and intelligent design, Eleganza™ 3 helps deliver a positive outcome on the treatment and care of patients, while also helping make staff safer and more efficient.

Tom 2

The new Tom 2 Pediatric Crib offers innovative features that improve both patient and caregiver safety and enhance the overall patient experience. Designed with a focus on safety, Tom 2 supports fall prevention protocols, improves accessibility to the patient and provides a safe work environment for caregivers. And the modern, colorful design of Tom 2 reflects the playful world of children, ultimately enhancing the patient experience.


Perfectly suitable for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum, the innovative design of the AVE 2 brings a new level of comfort and efficiency to every phase of childbirth.