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LINET in Scream Queens

LINET is excited to have been a part of the latest season of Scream Queens! Check out some of the photos from the cast members and from behind the scenes below.

Five Ways to Improve Your Shift

Shift work in a hospital or a similar setting can present unique challenges, to say the least. Staying focused is important, because when you’re tired and distracted, nurse safety and patient safety can be affected. And it can be even more challenging when your shifts are overnight, or when they are staggered — a week or two starting a shift in the morning, followed by a week or two working overnight.Read full story here

Tips and Tricks for Couples With Opposite Work Schedules

A few months ago, you began working the night shift at “your hospital.” Your new job excites, challenges and fulfills you. Unfortunately, you’re struggling with having a work schedule that’s the opposite of your partner’s day shift. (And you thought you’d get all that time back after graduation!)Read full story here

Halloween Spooks for Working on October 31

Few people will name a hospital or other care facility as the place they want to be on Halloween. However, the day doesn’t have to be filled with drudgery. Of all the holidays, Halloween is the one that nurses can play around with the most. And there are so many ways to bring the fun to your patients — young or young-at-heart — and colleagues who share the floor with you this October 31st. Read full story here

Just Getting Started: Celebrating Five Years Strong

My time at LINET has been extremely gratifying as I engage with nurses and administrators who seek value in clinically based solutions for the challenges they face with immobile patients. To watch someone’s face light up when they see Lateral Tilt turn assist for the first time is very powerful. Read full story here

More than a Sales Rep

With LINET, I have been given a different perspective on what truly matters most. It’s more than a career, financial stability, or an innovative product. At the end of the day, if I can help make someone’s job easier, help a colleague with a large delivery, or just be an encouragement to others throughout the process, then I think that is a pretty successful day.Read full story here

The LINET Americas Story

They say a journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step, one action. In our case, the journey began with the purchase of a simple farmhouse, which lay in ruin, 4600 miles from Charlotte. This is the story of LINET Americas and the journey from our humble beginnings to where we are today.Read full story here

What Matters Most

From its inception, LINET Americas made a commitment, not simply to provide improved patient care products and services, but also to establish a formal corporate social responsibility program.Read full story here